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How do I unlink smite from steam?

Best Answer:
  1. Go to the Hirez Studios page.

2. Enter your login info for the current account, which you want to unlink from or logout of.

3. Choose Steam

.4. Click Linked Accounts and click Unlink Account in order to remove your steam account from this one.

You can’t. Smite is available from the steam store for anyone to install and play (I know this may come as a surprise to some people). If you want access to smite without using Steam, or if you simply don’t want Steam in your life, here are your options:

You can buy the game via Hi-Rez directly, which will give you an account that isn’t attached to steam. While not free, it’s cheaper than many other games on steam.

You can use a different launcher, like the Smite Launcher by SzymeTv. Because of some…sensitive licensing issues associated with third party launchers (see below), I’m not going to provide a link here, but it’s not hard to find. This way you can launch smite via steam if you want, but play it directly from the Hi-Rez client without needing steam running at all. Just make sure you install the game through Hi-Rez first so that it’s properly tied to your account. Then install and configure the launcher (last I checked there is no auto update feature yet).

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You can uninstall steam. While this does move the goal posts a bit, it will prevent you from launching smite via steam at all (the game won’t launch). This is obviously not a good option for people who want to play multiplayer or other games that rely on Steamworks integration.

Make sure you installed Smite through Hi-Rez first, and then configured your launcher. If you already did that, double check your log file in Documents/My Games/SmiteGame/Logs folder for error messages that might indicate other issues. Also make sure you have downloaded all of the updates for the game through Hi-Rez. It is also recommended that you set your anti-virus program to exclude all related files (Smite.exe, SmiteSteamService.exe, etc) as some AV programs may flag them as malware.

You don’t. It’s all built in to the game, which is available for download on (which is run by Hi-Rez) and through Steam. The only way to remove it from your library entirely would be to uninstall steam all together, but then you wouldn’t have access to any of the other games you have downloaded through steam either.

Unfortunately refunds aren’t available as they are part of a digital product and not returned once they leave your account – so if something went wrong with accessing or downloading the game it will need to be fixed first before any kind of refund can be issued. If items were purchased directly through Smite, then you can contact customer support directly – however if you purchased through Steam, then it would be best to raise a ticket with them instead and not Hi-Rez.

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Keep an eye on Hi-Rez for announcements on their news page in regards to any upcoming testing periods, which usually last about a week and anyone can participate (including non-owners) To gain access all you need to do is purchase one of the Founder’s Packs, which will then grant instant beta access as well as early unlock in the new Season etc. If you are unsure if your account has access or not, check here . If it does not, then you may have to wait until the next beta period is announced.

It’s your responsibility to ensure everything on this account is up-to-date – including any usernames that are attached to it. If you wish to change an email address, password or username for an existing account and associated games, you will need to log in with each game (including Smite), press ‘Play’ and then sign in with your new credentials at the top right. You will then be able to select a new Steam profile icon as well if neede too. Once done it should update automagically across all of them but best practice means making sure it’s been updated everywhere before playing.

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How do I unlink my smite account?

Hi-Rez Studios is home to some amazing games, including Smite and Paladins. To save time linking and unlinking your Xbox account on these pages, log into the Hi-Rez Studios website ( > click “Linked Accounts” > select “Xbox” icon > follow onscreen prompts.

Can you unlink a game from Steam?

Click Games, then select the game you want to delete (you may need to search for it). Next, click I want to permanently remove this game from my account. Follow the prompts and your Steam library will be free of that game.

How do I unlink a steam link?

No longer will you have to wonder what your username is. All Steam URLs will now automatically display the linked name in the URL bar.

How do I change my linked account on steam?

To disconnect your Steam account from one of your devices, go to the Contact EA page. Next, log into the account you want to switch over to and select which device you want to delink your Steam account from below it.
Select either PC or Mac. This will bring up several tabs that allow you to manage your account on either a PC or MacBook computer

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