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How do I uninstall prey?

Best Answer:
  1. The Uninstall.exe
  2. File is found in the Prey install directory.
  3. Which defaults to C:WindowsPrey .
  4. Double-clicking on that will remove all traces of Prey.
  5. Provided you have administrative privileges on the machine.
  6. If the uninstaller cannot be found it means that this version of Prey was installed using MSI packages.


How do I uninstall prey app?

To do this on an Android, tap Settings and find “Prey.”
Tap Extra Security > Disable Uninstall Lock to prevent uninstalling the app.
In addition, tap Revoke extra permissions if you’ve been using Prey for other purposes.
Remove Prey as any other app by tapping the banner notification at the bottom of your phone screen when it pops up.

What is Toshiba prey project?

Prey is both a smartphone protection program and a computer system. It allows you to locate your phone, laptop, or tablet in the event of theft or loss while also taking photographs and screenshots remotely from your fixed location.

How do I remove prey from my Mac?

Click the Launchpad icon on the Dock, and then type Prey in the Search box.
As the target app appears, position the pointer over its icon, then press and hold until the icon starts to jiggle. …
Click Delete in the pop-up dialog to confirm the uninstallation of Prey.

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