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How do I uninstall OSU?

Best Answer:
  1. There are two ways to uninstall OSU. The first option is to search for “Add or remove programs”, click on the search results, and find “osu!” then select it from the list and choose Uninstall. Alternatively, you can search for an installer of osu! in your File Explorer and just select this when downloading a fresh copy.

The OSU app is meant for OSU students. The OSU Network is a shared resource and as such, the OSU app should only be used by OSU students. If you are not an OSI student or faculty member, please uninstall the OSU App from your device before continuing to use it.

If you would like help with uninstalling the OSO application, please contact IT Services at (614) 292-0780 option #0 or email [email protected] They will take care of that for you!

OSUs provides wireless Internet service on all three campuses: Columbus Metropolitan Campus; Ohio State’s Newark, Mansfield and Marion regional campuses; and Ohio State ‘s main campus. OSU also offers a wired internet service on the Columbus Metropolitan Campus called OSU-Networks, which is provided by OSUs Information Technology Department and accessible in most buildings with an Ethernet port for network connections (e.g., classrooms).

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You will need to contact IT Services about this issue if you are not sure where your building’s ethernet ports are located or how to connect devices wirelessly.


What happens when I uninstall OSU?

Yes, but the game is removed and some folders still remain.

How do I repair OSU?

You can open osu from the Applications folder or haddock by holding down Shift and double-clicking.
After you have opened the program, continue to hold Shift and click the “Repair osu!” option in the dialog prompt.

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How do I backup OSU songs?

The quickest way to save all of your songs, skins, screenshots and collections in osu! is to copy them onto a external hard drive or online backup. If you want more advanced options you could look into doing rsync backups.

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