How do I delete a user profile on my Mac? [Solved] 2023

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How do I delete a user profile on my Mac?

Best Answer:
  1. Go to System Preferences on your Mac.
  2. Select Users Groups.
  3. And click it.
  4. Unlock the account by clicking the lock icon.
  5. Select an administrator name and password if prompted.
  6. Locate the user or group you want to delete and then hit the Remove button.
  7. Below is the list of users.

How to Delete a User on Mac MacBook Pro iMac Mac mini Mac Pro?


Why can’t I delete a user on my Mac?

Make sure the user account you want to delete isn’t the only one with administrator privileges. You can’t remove a single administrator account from a computer if there is only one because you can only change or create a new administrator account and then remove the old one.

Can I delete deleted users on Mac?

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Yes or no. The Deleted Users directory contains the contents of a user’s Home folder, which is usually in the form of disk images. You can remove anybody who doesn’t have any files images you want to keep unless they had any documents photos.

How do I delete a configuration profile on a Mac?

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Choose Apple menu System Preferences, then Profiles. If you don’t have any configuration profiles installed, the Profiles preference panel isn’t accessible. Select a profile in the list and then hit Remove.

How do I delete nonremovable profiles on Mac?

Open the System Preferences program. nSelect Users & Groups from the drop-down menu. enter your password to unlock it. Choose Advanced from the pop-up menu that appears after you right-click or Control-click the user you want to rename. In the full name field, change the name to anything you like. Restart your computer?

How long does it take to delete a user account on Mac?

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