How do I delete a user profile in Windows 7? [Solved] 2023

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How do I delete a user profile in Windows 7?

Best Answer:
  1. Open the properties for one of your other users.
  2. Click Properties for Computer to access advanced system settings.
  3. On the left side.
  4. Click User Profiles.
  5. Select the profile you wish to delete and hit the Delete button.

Delete User Profiles in Windows 7?


How do I manually delete a Windows profile?

Then, go to Start Menu and select Run. In the dialog box that appears, type Regedit and click OK. On the left side of the screen, make a note of your Windows 10 Administrator password because it’s required to delete or modify a user profile. To remove or replace a user profile, find the one you want to erase and right?

What happens when you delete a user profile in Windows 7?

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When you remove a Windows 7 user folder, all personalized settings and data are also deleted, as well as any files or folders saved in folders dedicated to the user’s account, such as “My Documents” and “Desktop.

How do I delete a user profile?

In the Control Panel, open the System option. Select Advanced Settings, and then under User Profiles, click Settings. Select the user profile you want to remove from this computer and then hit Delete.

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How do I delete a Windows profile picture?

From the taskbar, open File Explorer. If you don’t see File Explorer on the taskbar, type Start and press Enter to start it. It’s possible that the AppData folder was hidden. Remove any profile pictures you no longer desire to use.

How do I reset my windows profile?

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In Control Panel, go to File and select System. Click the Advanced option in the User Profiles panel. Select Settings from the drop-down menu next to User Profiles in the Expert mode area of step 8 above. Select the desired user profile from the list of Profiles stored on this computer and then deselect it. When you’re asked?

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