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How do I delete a user profile in Ubuntu?

Best Answer:
  1. Delete a user account.
  2. Delete the Users category from the Activities overview.
  3. Start typing Users in the Activities list to access it.
  4. Select Users from the drop-down.
  5. menu and press Unlocked at the top right corner to remove your account.
  6. To delete a user account.
  7. Click – below the list of accounts on the left.

You can delete a user profile in Ubuntu in many ways. You use the graphical interface of Ubuntu itself or console-based apps which are very powerful. I am going to explain all of them step by step so you can delete a user account from the command line as well as GUI without any issues.

  • Delete User Profile Using Command-line (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

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How to remove users in ubuntu?

When you have root-level access to your Ubuntu box, you can use the userdel utility to remove users. It is a pretty easy process:

userdel username

This will remove everything for that particular user in your system (home directory, mail spool, etc). By “everything” I mean even the user’s permissions from /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files. You should be careful with this command as there are no return values or any kind of error checking while removing a user account. If anything goes wrong, it may lead to an “incomplete” removal and restore process that will produce unexpected results. Also note that if the same username is reassigned to another person before the above process completes, then the deleted user’s files will NOT be removed.

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How do I delete a Linux user profile?

Using SSH, log into your server. Use the sudo su – command to switch to the root user. To delete a user’s account, use the userdel command with the user’s username:

How do I delete a user in Ubuntu 18?

Open the terminal program. Connect to the server using the ssh [email protected] command. To delete a user account on Ubuntu, use sudo deluser –remove-home username here

How do I delete user?

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Select “Family & Other Users” from the left pane on the Accounts screen. On the Accounts page, scroll down to the Other users section and select an account. Observe that local accounts are labeled as such.

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