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How do I delete a UPS My Choice address?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete a UPS My Choice address, go to the “Manage addresses.
  2. Section of your account and click on the “X” next to the address you want to delete.

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Go to and sign into your account. From there, click “Manage Addresses.” Select the address you want to delete and follow the instructions onscreen. You can also manage your addresses via the UPS Mobile app or by calling 1-800-742-5877.

What if I have a package coming but don’t want a UPS My Choice alert?

If you don’t want notifications, simply go to, then log in using your email address and password (or you can create an account). In the left navigation bar under Manage Addresses, select Turn Off Alerts—this will prevent any future alerts from being sent.

If you receive an alert and didn’t want it, did you forget to turn off alerts in the past? No problem—simply go to, then log in using your email address and password (or create an account). In the left navigation bar under Manage Addresses select Turn On Alerts again, and you’ll start receiving alerts immediately.

How do I get signed up for UPS My Choice?

Now is a good time to sign up if you haven’t already! To get started, go to . When prompted for an email address, use the email address that’s associated with your UPS account( s). You will then be prompted to create a password and follow the onscreen instructions.

If I use UPS My Choice, if there are package deliveries when no one is home can I have them left at the post office or with my neighbor? Yes. If you’re new to UPS My Choice (or unsure), visit: and select “Request Package Delivery Information.” The most convenient delivery option may not always be available in your area, but it’s worth giving us a call after signing up for UPS MyChoice™, so we can ensure that your choice options reflect what is offered by UPS and available in your area.

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How do I delete UPS My Choice?

Select the Administration tab on the Company Users screen. Click Cancel Enrollment in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open the pop-up window for selecting a reason for cancellation.

Do I have to pay for UPS My Choice?

UPS My Choice offers two levels of membership: Free or Premium. Basic (free) level members can use core delivery management features like giving tracking numbers, requesting deliveries be left in a different place from the main address, postponing pickup, and confirming future window requests. They have to pay for confirmed 2-hour delivery windows through an additional fee.

How late can a UPS package arrive?

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UPS deliveries are generally made anytime between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. but can be delivered at any time within that window to both residential and commercial addresses

Does UPS My Choice charge?

UPS My Choice does not charge for its services.

Does UPS My Choice show all packages?

UPS My Choice does show all packages, but it doesn’t show all the details about those packages. It will tell you when your package is being delivered, and it will give you the option to change your delivery time or location.

How do I cancel my UPS My Choice membership?

To cancel your UPS My Choice Membership, you can either call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877) and speak to a customer service representative, or you can go to the UPS website and click on “Manage My Account.” From there, click on “Cancel Membership” and follow the instructions.

Is UPS My Choice for Business free?

Yes, UPS My Choice for Business is free. It offers a number of features that can help businesses save time and money, including the ability to reroute packages, set delivery preferences, and track shipments.

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Can you Presign for UPS?

Yes, you can pre-sign for UPS. This means that you can authorize UPS to leave a package at your house without requiring a signature for delivery. To presign for UPS, you’ll need to provide your name, address, and contact information. You’ll also need to specify the dates during which you’re available to receive packages.

Why isn’t my package on UPS My Choice?

There are a few reasons why your package may not be on UPS My Choice. One possibility is that the package has not yet been scanned by UPS. Another possibility is that the package has been delivered, but you have not yet accepted it.

How do I find out if a package is coming to my address?

If you’re expecting a package and want to know if it’s coming to your address, there are a few ways to check. You can either call the company that sent the package and ask them directly, or you can use an online package tracking service.
If you go the online route, most package tracking services will allow you to enter the package’s shipping number or order number and see where it is in transit.

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