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How do I delete a Square Enix token?

Best Answer:
  • Log into the Square Enix Account Management System.

  • Select “One-Time Password” under “Settings/Options”
  • Click on “Security Token Removal.”

Steps How to Delete a Square Enix Token

In this blog post, we will cover the steps to delete a Square Enix token.

Adding a new game to your account with the same email address as an existing one will delete any tokens associated with that email address. Deleting a Square Enix Token is simple and can be done from the Settings screen of the application or website. Once you delete your token, it cannot be recovered so please make sure to save your game progress before doing anything!

-Tap on the Settings icon.

-Scroll to delete a Square Enix Token and tap on it.

-Enter your password or pin (depending on how you set up your account).

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-Decide whether you want to delete all of your tokens, just one token, or only those with certain titles associated with them by tapping Checkmark beside each title; then enter your password/pin for confirmation if prompted. This option is not available yet but will become so in the future! And that’s it–you’re done! You can now delete any other unnecessary game data from within this same screen as well.”

“Square Enix offers an account system called “SE Account”. It allows players who have already purchased items digitally (game content) through SE platforms such as PSN Store or Xbox Live Marketplace.

FFXIV Remove Squaresoft Authenticator

Square Enix is a Japanese company founded on September 22, 1975. It has an online store where you can buy games and services available for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles that are connected to your Square Enix account. One of their products available on this website is called “Squaresoft Authenticator” which costs $12.99 per year if purchased annually or $14.99 monthly otherwise (as of 2018). To delete a Squaresoft token go to:

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– My Account page

– Security tab > Squaresoft Authenticator

– Click the Cancel Subscription button near the “Cancel subscription” section at the bottom left corner

It will then prompt you to confirm by clicking “OK” again from both pop.


How do I remove my Square Enix token without password?

Square Enix tokens have two passwords: the Emergency Removal Password and a 6 letter confirmation code. The Emergency Removal Password is used to remove the Square Enix Token from your account, so if you should lose it then you will need to contact SQUARE ENIX support for help removing the token.

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How do I change my Square Enix token?

Access the “One-Time Password” section and select “Adjust Software Token (smartphone application) settings”. Follow the instructions to download the application from your phone.

Where is the emergency removal password Square Enix?

In order to delete your Square Enix Account, you are required to input the Emergency Removal Password located on the Square Enix Account Management System main page.

The emergency removal password is available for viewing on a login screen after entering a One-Time Password (e.g., when logging in from a phone that has been lost or stolen).

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