How do I delete a second Google account on my Android phone? [Solved] 2023

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How do I delete a second Google account on my Android phone?

Best Answer:
  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Nap Accounts.
  3. If you don’t see Accounts.
  4. Look for Users & accounts instead.
  5. Select the account you wish to delete.
  6. Delete the account by pressing Remove Account.
  7. Or delete it from another device using Android Device Manager.
  8. If this is your phone’s only Google Account you.

How to Remove a Google Account from an Android Phone?


How do you remove a Google account from an Android phone?

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Expand the details about the device by clicking the Remove button. (Figure B) Click Yes to confirm the cancellation.

How do I delete a second Google email account?

Open your Google Account. You might have to log in. Select Personal Info. gender “Contact info,” click Email. Click Alternative Emails. You may need to sign in again. Remove the alternate email address by clicking Remove next to it.

Can you have 2 Google Accounts on Android?

You can sign in to several Google Accounts at the same time. You may switch between accounts without having to log out and back in. Your accounts have separate configurations, but settings from your default account may apply in some cases.

How do I delete an unwanted Google account?

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Sign in to your Gmail account on Click the grid icon in the upper right-hand corner and pick “Account.” under the “Account preferences” heading, pick “Delete your account or services. Choose “Delete items.” Select “Products” from the drop-down menu.

How do I delete my Google account from another device?

Open your Android phone or tablet’s Settings app Google. To manage your Google Account, go to Manage Your Account. At the top of the screen, select Security. Select 2-Step Verification from the drop-down menu below “Signing in to Google.” You could be asked to sign in. Choose Revoke All from the list of?

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