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How do I delete a review on LetGo?

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  1. What is the procedure for removing a review on LetGo? Unfortunately, you are not allowed to remove other people’s comments about you.
  2. If the buyer blocks you and you are unable to respond to their negative assessment, this may be particularly aggravating.
  3. Fortunately, you can contact LetGo and they will take care of getting rid of the fraudulent review.

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How do I cancel a review?

Go to and do the following: Click the Menu button (three stacked lines in the top left corner of the screen). Go to “Your Contributions.”… Then go to “Reviews” and click the three dots next to the review you want to remove. After that, choose “Delete Review” from the drop-down

How do I remove a bad review on Depop?

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Go to your Profile and look for the feedback in your Purchased or Sold lists under the Receipts symbol. the feedback you’ve provided. To permanently erase your comments, tap the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How do I delete my LetGo account?

Click here to open LetGo. Scroll down and select assistance. Click help if necessary. Select the “tech support” option, as well as any bugs you may encounter. Editable or deleted profiles are available under this heading. Click send to submit a request for deletion.

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How do I remove negative reviews on Fiverr?

There’s nothing you can do to get rid of a negative review. You may request that the buyer modify their feedback through the Resolution Center, but they must agree to it before you may make any modifications.

Is it illegal to delete bad reviews?

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If you’re about to delete a review, read it first. The Consumer Fairness Review Act was passed in late 2017, placing new limitations on what businesses can include in form contracts that restrict customers from publishing honest assessments of goods, services, and companies in any media.

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