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How do I delete a record in Salesforce?

Best Answer:
  1. It’s not difficult to remove a single record from Salesforce.
  2. Simply search for the Delete option next to the record you wish to eliminate.
  3. When you click this button.
  4. The records will be placed in your ORG’s Recycle Bin.
  5. If you can’t spot the Delete button.
  6. Check your page layout for modifications that need to.

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What happens when you delete a record in Salesforce?

Records that have been deleted aren’t permanently erased from Salesforce, however, they are kept in the Recycle Bin for 15 days before being removed. A later section covers how to restore deleted data.

How do I delete a record in Apex Salesforce?

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The developer console allows you to write Apex code quickly and easily. You can use the dev console to delete records using your Salesforce instance by entering Apex code directly into it. Simply change MyObject to the item you wish to remove in the editor window and press Enter. For example, delete[SELECT id FROM MyObject];

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How do I permanently delete a record in Salesforce?

Remove records using the Delete button. Choose Permanently delete the selected records to properly remove your data. It’s critical to remember that selecting this option prevents you from retrieving the chosen date from the Recycle Bin. Remove Select Remove if you don’t want to permanently delete the selected records. If you don’t select Permanently delete, all deleted

Who can delete a record in Salesforce?

In three situations, a User can remove a record: The User attempting to delete the record is the owner. The User is higher in the owner’s role hierarchy than the owner. The user trying to delete the record has ‘Modify All’ permission.

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Can we delete records using Workbench?

To delete records using the REST API, use the ‘DELETE’ method. The URI should be set to the object to be deleted, as well as its associated ID. To get a response message indicating that the removal was successful, click the ‘Execute’ button.

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