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How can I change my name in NBI?

Best Answer:
  1. The last name on your NBI Clearance must be changed.
  2. To avoid any confusion and delays.
  3. You can’t renew a document.
  4. With the same last name as an existing one because.
  5. It will be treated as a new application or fresh registration.
  6. You can’t modify your old NBI Clearance because it has an old last name.


Can I change my surname in NBI clearance?

Regardless of whether or not you have your NBI clearance, the procedure of changing your last name is thought to be a new application. You must acknowledge that this process is considered a new application as long as you are updating some crucial elements in your name.

How can I change my NBI information?

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To update your personal information, click the Edit Information link. After you’ve updated your information, save it again by clicking the Save Information button once more. Click the Apply for Clearance button to complete the process. Fill in the required details on the Confirmation box.

What if you have the same name in NBI?

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If the NBI clearance application you are submitting has a “hit” status, it indicates that you or someone with the same name (i.e., a person named John Smith) is connected to records or information that are unlawful in nature.

How can I change my NBI appointment?

Unfortunately, if you already paid the NBI clearance appointment fee, you will not be permitted to change the date of your appointment. The only way to do it is by scheduling a new appointment and paying the fee again if you are in a rush and wish to move your appointment ahead of schedule.

Can I get my NBI clearance in other branch?

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Depending on the branch you originally picked during your online appointment, it may or may not be processed. The NBI Clearance Helpdesk states that certain branches will not accept your application until the branch you initially selected gives its approval. As a result, before moving to a different branch, call the one you selected first.

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