How can I change my name in NBI online application? [Solved] 2023

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How can I change my name in NBI online application?

Best Answer:
  1. Replace Last Name in NBI Clearance.
  2. Finish the Procedure.
  3. And complete the process as indicated above.
  4. Now select No when prompted to register.
  5. And complete the fields as shown in the image below.
  6. Fill in all information regarding.
  8. Under Application.

NBI Clearance updated guide?


What if you have the same name in NBI?

If your NBI clearance application has a hit status, it indicates that you or someone with the same name (i.e., a person named John Smith) is linked to records or information that are criminal in nature.

How can I cancel NBI online?

If you booked an online appointment but can’t pay the fee, it indicates that you have not yet reserved your place. However, if you are able to book an online appointment and pay the NBI clearance payment on time, your slot will not be canceled straight away should you miss your appointment.

How can I edit my NBI information?

Click the Edit Information button to modify your personal information. Then click the Save Information button once more after updating your details. After you’ve finished, click the Start Background Check link. Click the Apply for Clearance button. On the Confirmation box, type in your correct ID.

How can I change my NBI clearance first name?

After you’ve logged in to the NBI clearance website, you’ll be brought to the “Applicant Information” page, where you can change whatever information you like.

Can I use personal copy of NBI clearance?

The NBI clearance should be valid at the time of your hire. Please submit an original “Employer Copy” of your NBI Clearance. In the event that the employer copy is no longer accessible, you may provide the actual “Personal Copy.

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