How can I change my mobile number in lazada? [Solved] 2023

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How can I change my mobile number in lazada?

Best Answer:
  1. You can change your mobile number in Lazada.
  2. By logging into your account and going to the My Account tab.
  3. You will then be able to edit your personal details.
  4. Including your phone number.

How to Change Mobile Number on Lazada Account


How can I change my phone number in lazada?

Lazada’s system is unable to change the phone number associated with your account. You will need to contact customer service through their chat function or by emailing them at [email protected]

Can I have 2 lazada accounts?

The Lazada system is not limited to one account per person. Multiple accounts can be created. The main account, which is the original account used for creating an account, can be found under the ‘My Account’ tab on the top left-hand side of the screen. If you wish to create a new account, it can be started by clicking on ‘Create new account’. Then you will need to enter your personal details such as name and email address.

How can I delete my lazada account number?

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You can’t delete your account number from Lazada. In order to do that, you need to cancel your account. To cancel your account, go to the Lazada Account page and click on Cancel my Account. You will be prompted to log in and then you will be taken to a page with a confirmation message and a button that says “Cancel my Account”. Click the button and follow the instructions on the next page.

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How can I activate lazada wallet without phone number?

The Lazada Wallet is a digital account that lets customers shop on Lazada without needing credit card information. The only thing needed to sign up for the account is an email address and phone number. Once you have signed up, you will be able to make purchases by logging into your account with the email and password you create.

How can I change my OTP number in lazada?

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To change your OTP number, simply go to the “My Account” section of the Lazada website and click on “Change OTP Number.” You will be prompted to enter a new OTP number and verify it before proceeding.

How can I remove my number from lazada wallet?

Lazada Wallet is a payment service that allows customers to make purchases at Lazada using their credit card, debit card, or Paypal account. You can remove your number from Lazada Wallet by visiting their website and clicking “Remove Card”.

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