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How can I cancel my Sprint account?

Best Answer:
  1. The number to call to cancel Sprint is 1-888-211-4727.
  2. You’ll be given a variety of alternatives and asked what you’re calling about.
  3. After you’ve made it clear that you’re canceling your Sprint service.
  4. You’ll need to go through the details with the call agent.

How to Get Out of My Sprint Contract?


Can you cancel Sprint Online?

Is it possible to terminate my Sprint service online? Unfortunately, no. You’ll need to talk with a Sprint customer care agent in-store or over the phone before your account can be modified unless you verify your personal information.

How much is it to cancel my Sprint account?

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The early termination charge is prorated, which means that the more time that goes by, the smaller you will have to pay to cancel your contract. The fee is determined by Sprint in this manner: it charges $20 per month for each month left on your contract, up to a maximum of $350 and a minimum of $100 per device.

What happens if I don’t pay my Sprint bill?

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If you don’t pay your cell phone contract, your account will go into arrears. Your phone provider might suspend your phone so that you can no longer make or receive calls. If you don’t take action to address the debt, your account will default and the contract will be terminated.

Can I end my Sprint lease early?

You’ll have to pay any remaining leasing costs before making your decision. You must also decide if you want to return the phone or buy it after you’ve completed your commitment. Your commitment will be finished and any future fees will cease when you pay for the phone(s) or return them to Sprint.

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Can I return my phone to Sprint?

To avoid your service credit from being reduced, you must return the device or the service within 30 days. If you need to reorder a return kit, go to this page to request it. If you’re returning a device through our buyback program for an account credit and go to for further information.

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