How can I cancel my OTP in BDO online banking? [Solved] 2023

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How can I cancel my OTP in BDO online banking?

Best Answer:
  1. If you’re still having trouble receiving approval for verification.
  2. Contact us at support.
  3. and we’ll help you through the process again.
  4. Cancel your current request and try logging in again.
  5. To obtain a new OTP.
  6. Provide your correct user ID and password so that.
  7. It may be sent to your registered mobile number.



Can I remove OTP BDO?

Is it possible to remove my One-Time-PIN? No. All BDO Online Banking users are required to enter their One-Time-PIN in order to maintain the security of their online transactions.

How can I reset my BDO online banking without OTP?

To reset your BDO account, go to and select Online Banking login or BDO Online Banking depending on the platform you use. Have you forgotten your password? You will be asked to provide your user ID if you use a computer.

How can I change my OTP from BDO email to mobile?

To update your BDO Personal Online Banking profile, log in to BDO Personal Online Banking and go to “Customer Information Fill out the necessary information and then click “Update” after going to “Profile Maintenance” in BDO Personal Online Banking. Take note of your ATM Activation Code, which may be found on the acknowledgment page, email.

How can I cancel BDO online banking?

Even though the Bill Payment option is no longer accessible via BDO’s mobile apps, you can still cancel scheduled Bills Payments payments at least one day before the scheduled date by using BDO Internet Banking under Financial Services Bills Payment Edit Cancel Payment.

How can I change my OTP mobile number in BDO online banking?

Go to Profile Maintenance Customer Information Update Customer Information” in your BDO online banking account. Remove the old mobile number from the box and replace it with your new one in the Mobile Number” text field. Then click “Update and OK.

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