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How can I cancel my application in Naukri?

Best Answer:
  1. It is not possible to cancel an application in Naukri.
  2. You can cancel your application in Naukri by contacting the company directly.
  3. Naukri is a job search engine website.
  4. You can cancel your Naukri account by clicking on the ‘My Profile’ tab, followed by the ‘Cancel Account’ button.
  5. You will be asked to provide your email ID and password to confirm that you are the owner of the account.

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How do I withdraw an application from Naukri? is not a website for applying for jobs, but rather a job portal. Job applicants can apply for jobs on by clicking on the “Apply Now” button and following the instructions. You can also log in to your account and update your profile information or edit your personal details by clicking on the “My Profile” tab.

Can we cancel job application on Naukri?

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Yes, you can cancel your job application on Naukri.
Naukri is a website where people can post jobs and apply for them. You can cancel your job application on Naukri by going to the “Cancel Application” tab of the Job Details page.

How do I cancel an application I applied for?

You can’t cancel an application you applied for! The only way to cancel your application is to withdraw it before the deadline.

Can you cancel a job application online?

Yes, you can cancel your job application online. To do this, navigate to the “My Applications” tab and click on the “Cancel” button next to the application that you would like to cancel.

How do I cancel a Linkedin job application?

To cancel a Linkedin job application, you would need to first log into your Linkedin account. Once logged in, you would go to the “Jobs” tab on the left side of the screen. From there, you would click on “Jobs I’m Interested In.” Next, you would scroll down until you find the job that you are interested in applying for and click on it. Once clicked, a window will pop up with information about the company and position.

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How can I check my application status in Naukri?

Naukri is a company that offers jobs and recruitment services. You can search for jobs on their website, or you can log in to see your application status. You will need to enter your email address or username and password to login.

How do I withdraw an application from workday?

You can withdraw an application from Workday by logging in to your account and clicking the “Withdraw Application” button.

How can I add notice period in Naukri?

Naukri is a job portal that offers jobs in India. Naukri offers a notice period to employees who are leaving the company. Employees can edit their notice period by logging into their account and going to their profile page. From there, navigate to the “Edit Profile” tab and then scroll down until you see “Notice Period.” Enter the date and time of your last day of work and click “Save Changes.

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How can I block a candidate in Naukri?

Naukri is a job portal for India and they allow you to block candidates from viewing your profile. You can do this by going to the “Settings” tab and then clicking on “Privacy Settings”. There, you should click on “Edit Privacy Settings” and then uncheck the box that says, “Allow Candidates to View My Profile”.

How do I cancel my interview process?

You can’t. You have to go through the interview process before you can cancel it.

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