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Does Zoosk subscription automatically renew?

Best Answer:
  1. To cancel your subscription.
  2. You will need to change it from automatically renewing.
  3. To do so.
  4. go to Account Settings and select Subscription.

Yes. Zoosk subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it before the end of your current paid-up month. Your credit card or another payment method will be charged for a new monthly membership period 24-hours prior to the end of your current paid-up month.

How can I turn off automatic renewal?

To turn off automatic renewal, go to Settings > Profile and then uncheck the “Renew Subscription Automatically” box under “Subscription Preferences”. Note that you’ll have to remember to do this every time you make a purchase so we don’t bill for another month! If you are using an iOS device, please check out our FAQ article on how to turn off auto-renewal on iOS devices.

How do I turn off auto-renewal on Zoosk?

  • You can turn off auto-renewal on Zoosk at any time.

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Go to the billing section of your account. Click the “Turn Off Auto-Renew” button under “Billing Information.” Confirm by clicking “Yes, Turn Off Auto-Renew.” To restore your subscription later, log in to your account and click the link near the bottom right of the page that says “Restore Your Subscription.” If you don’t see the “Restore Your Subscription” link, it means your subscription was already turned back on.

Note: If you turn off auto-renewal before your billing cycle ends, then the process will take a few days to complete. During this time period, you won’t be billed for any additional months of service. After that time period, new billing will resume automatically.

After turning off auto-renewal, your subscription will still appear in the My Account section of Zoosk for four more weeks as a courtesy notice—however, no membership services or payments are taken from your account during this time.

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How do I turn off auto renewal on Zoosk?

Log into Zoosk and select Settings.
Select Subscription
Locate Cancel Submintion and confirm.

Does Zoosk renew automatically?

If you do not cancel your auto-renewing subscription before the end of its term, it will continue uninterrupted.

What happens when your subscription ends on Zoosk?

Zoosk doesn’t offer any refunds before your subscription term expires, but you can still use your account until the current billing period ends.

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How do I unsubscribe from Zoosk?

To cancel your Zoosk subscription, open the menu then select My Subscription. From there you can toggle the renewal settings that will affect auto-renewals.

Rebuttal: This is a great example of where defining what we mean in an effort to be more explicit helps us better communicate intent. The new wording would say “To cancel your Zoosk subscription, open the menu and then select ‘My Subscription.’ From there you can turn off automatic renewals.”

How do I cancel my Zoosk subscription and get a refund?

Please email customer support at and include the following text in your message:
“I am canceling my Zoosk account with expedited processing, and I would like a refund.”

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