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Does USAA have a cancellation fee?

Best Answer:
  1. If you terminate your insurance with USAA.
  2. You will not be charged any penalties.
  3. If you let your auto insurance coverage lapse without informing USAA.
  4. You will be charged a cancellation fee.
  5. You’ll be responsible for paying the premium as well as late payments in this situation.

Who is eligible for USAA?


How do I cancel a USAA policy?

Call customer service at 1-800-531-8722. Enquire with a representative. Confirm your account by supplying accurate information. Request the cancellation of your policy if possible. Inquire about any refund procedures that may apply.

Can you cancel car insurance at any time USAA?

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You have the right to cancel your current policy and receive a prorated refund at any time. We’ll even give you a cancellation form (PDF) so you may terminate your existing insurance with your present provider. Most insurers will return any money you’ve already paid, whether or not you prepay for an entire year.

Is USAA really cheaper?

Is USAA insurance truly less expensive than other companies? According to our study, USAA is the lowest car insurance for those who meet the requirements. People who get their license from USAA frequently pay significantly reduced rates than those that obtain their licenses from the state. However, people with points on their driving records don’t save money by getting insured through

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How do I cancel my car insurance with USAA?

Cancel your policy by calling (800) 531-8722 and requesting it. Request cancellation of your insurance through the online account. Send a letter to USAA requesting cancellation at 9800 Fredricksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78288.

Can I cancel my USAA policy online?

You’ve just implemented a new policy, so you’re now ready to cancel your USAA coverage. Customers of USAA may cancel their policies online at, by using the mobile app, or over the phone. Simply log on to your account and respond to a brief survey asking why you are leaving if you don’t feel like chatting

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Can I put my girlfriend on my USAA insurance?

“USAA will allow you to include her on the policy, but only if you cohabitate (i.e., live together) before doing so. However, you may want to review her driving history ahead of time so that you’re prepared for any significant changes in your vehicle insurance rates.

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