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Does uninstalling grindr delete profile?

Best Answer:
  1. To uninstall Grindr is to remove the app from.
  2. Your phone so that you will no longer be able to use it.
  3. When you uninstall Grindr,
  4. You will also be deleting any data that is on your phone.
  5. That data includes your profile.
  6. If you wish to create a new profile with the same email.
  7. Email us at [email protected]

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What happens if you uninstall Grindr?

It is unlikely that Grindr can be uninstalled, because it changes settings and installs files and programs on your device and is not compatible with any other platform. Grindr has a user agreement which states that all of the above action will take place if you uninstall the application. If you agree to use the application, it is unlikely that you will want to uninstall it.

How do you know if someone deleted their Grindr?

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The deleted Grindr will be as if it never existed, but Grindr has a backup with all the data from the app so they can still access it. To check if someone deleted their profile, you can see if their profile still exists on the app and also contact them to see if they do and ask for more information.

Do messages disappear when you delete Grindr?

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Messages will not vanish from Grindr when the user deletes them. If someone else has blocked the user who had sent the message, they are still able to see it.

How long does it take for your profile to disappear on Grindr?

The Grindr profile will stay up for five to ten minutes before it disappears. The deletion of the profile is a result of the app following a set of time intervals that correspond with usage and battery power. The standard interval is five minutes, and any extra time after each session will be added to this timer. If the user uses Grindr sporadically over a longer period of time, the timer may not reach five minutes for another session.

Can someone track you on Grindr?

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Grindr is a queer dating app and social network. Users can create a profile, upload selfies and chat with other users in the area who are also on Grindr, as well as those not in their immediate vicinity. Users can also see which other users have read messages. Grindr allows people to see how close they are to another user by measuring proximity on a grid. Users can choose to share their location with others if they want to discover others nearby.

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