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Does Hotmail delete inactive accounts?

Best Answer:
  1. Hotmail does not delete inactive accounts.
  2. If you would like to delete your account, you can do so by going to the “Accounts” tab and clicking on “Delete Account”.
  3. Hotmail does delete inactive accounts, but.
  4. It can take up to a year for this to happen.Hotmail deletes inactive accounts when they reach a certain threshold.
  5. They do not specify what that threshold is, but it does seem to be a fairly low number.

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Do inactive Outlook accounts get deleted?

No, inactive Outlook accounts do not get deleted.

How long does it take for an inactive email account to get deleted?

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It usually takes about 3-5 days for an inactive email account to get deleted.

Does inactive accounts get deleted?

Inactive accounts are deleted after a certain period of time. Typically, inactive accounts are deleted after 3-6 months, but this may vary based on the account type.

Does a Hotmail account expire?

A Hotmail account does not expire. There are no limits on how long an account can be used.

How long do Hotmail accounts stay active?

Hotmail accounts are no longer active.

What happens to inactive Hotmail accounts?

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Hotmail accounts that are inactive for 12 months will be deleted.

Do email accounts get deactivated?

It is possible for an email account to be deactivated. If you are not using your account, it may be deleted or closed by the service provider.

How do I reactivate my dormant account?

First, you need to make sure that your account has been inactive for a while. If you have been logged in to the account recently, it will not be eligible for reactivation.
If you are sure that your account is eligible for reactivation, then go to the “My Account” page on Quora and click on “Inactive Account”. You will see a list of all of your inactive accounts. Click on the one that you would like to activate.

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Do email accounts delete themselves?

No, your email account does not delete itself.

How do I reactivate my email account?

1) Open your email account settings on the website.
2) Scroll down to “Account Information” and click on “Change Password”.
3) You will be prompted to enter your current password.
4) Enter a new password, and then re-enter it for verification.
5) Click “Save Changes”.

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