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Does deleting your Reddit account delete your posts?

Best Answer:
  1. Reddit posts are not deleted when you delete your account.
  2. You can delete your account.
  3. Then go into the “activity” tab to delete any posts that you want to get rid of.

Deleting ALL of Your Reddit Posts!


What happens if you delete your Reddit account?

If you delete your Reddit account, you’ll lose access to all of the posts and comments that you’ve made. You won’t be able to vote on any new posts or comments, either.
If you need to delete your account, it’s best to do so from the Reddit website. If you have an old version of the site open in another browser tab, close it before clicking on “Log out.

How do I delete all my Reddit posts?

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Reddit doesn’t have a function for deleting all posts, but there are some workarounds.
You can delete your account to delete all of your posts.
You can also try using the “delete” button on the post.
Finally, you can use Google Chrome to clear your cache and delete your cookies which will delete all Reddit posts and comments.

Can Reddit posts be deleted?

Reddit posts can be deleted, but this is not an easy process. It requires the user to delete the post from their account and then contact Reddit’s admin team.

Should I delete my Reddit account?

No, you should not delete your Reddit account. Reddit is an online forum where users can post links and content to the site. Users can also comment on posts and other content in a threaded conversation format. The website has its own set of rules that are enforced by moderators who are volunteer users that have been granted rights by the site’s administrators.

Does Reddit History delete itself?

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Yes, Reddit deletes your history after a specified time interval.
Reddit deletes your history after a specified time interval.

Does Reddit keep history?

Yes, Reddit keeps a history of your account’s posts and comments. You can see this by going to the “User” page and clicking on “History”.

What happens when you delete a Reddit post?

When you delete a post, it is removed from the Reddit website and cannot be seen by anyone.

Can admins see deleted posts?

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Yes, admins can see deleted posts.

Does Reddit karma go away if you delete a post?

Yes, karma will go away if you delete a post.

Why can people still comment on my deleted Reddit post?

Comments on Reddit are not deleted when the post is deleted. Comments on Reddit are deleted when you delete a comment.

Why do people delete their Reddit accounts so often?

Reddit is a great place to share ideas and content, but it can also be an exhausting and time-consuming community. Some people delete their accounts because they don’t have the time or energy to keep up with Reddit’s fast pace. Others may delete their account because they want to start fresh and focus on something new.

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