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Does deleting GroupMe account remove messages?

Best Answer:
  1. They are certainly not deleted.
  2. If you delete a Group Me group.
  3. Messages and images may not be removed once they’ve been sent.
  4. When you leave a group.
  5. The messages on your phone will disappear.
  6. However.
  7. Those on the phones of other members.
  8. Of the group will not.

How to Delete a GroupMe Account?


What happens when you delete your GroupMe account?

What if I decide to cancel my account? Answer: Whatever device you delete your account from, all related content will be lost. This account will not be able to log back in.

Does deleting GroupMe delete messages?

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What’s been sent has already been sent via GroupMe communications. You may be able to clear your chat history or censor the messages, but it isn’t the same. The only way to erase a conversation entirely is to quit a group (the only one you’ve started), which also removes the rest of the discussion.

How do I permanently delete messages from GroupMe?

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Select Clear Chat History from the drop-down menu. Select Yes or Clear to confirm. Your chat history will be deleted.

Can I delete a message I sent?

Is it possible to a text message? There is no way to a text message or iMessage before it’s sent.

How do you delete someone from GroupMe without them knowing?

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To silence a single group, use the hashtag ‘#mute.’ This will prevent you from being notified of anything involving that group until you unmute it. Nobody appears to be alerted when you mute a group, therefore this may be a superior choice if you don’t want to notify anybody.

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