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Do you leave groups if you delete WhatsApp?

Best Answer:
  1. Even if you erase WhatsApp from your phone, you will still be a member of the groups.
  2. You will also remain the administrator of the group if you are an admin.
  3. You will be removed from the groups, on the other hand, if you delete your WhatsApp account.

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Do you leave group chats when you delete WhatsApp?

To remove a group, you must first delete all members of the group and then exit it. You won’t be able to discover the group in your chats list or recover your chat history after you’ve deleted it.

How can I delete WhatsApp without leaving a group?

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Select More from the drop-down menu to get more options. If you want to delete a group chat, tap on the options key (3 vertical dots) at the top right of the screen and select More. After that, confirm your decision by tapping OK.

When you delete WhatsApp will others know?

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There is no way to know whether someone has uninstalled the application at this time. There is no distinctive notification or method for informing other people when an account gets deleted, as WhatsApp does not provide one.

Do you leave a group if you delete it?

After you’ve deleted a group, other group members can’t use it anymore. To delete a group, open it, tap on the group’s name in the title bar, open the menu and select “Delete Group,” as a regular member you can’t delete a group but you can leave it as an administrator.

What happens when you delete a WhatsApp group?

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When you remove a group, it will no longer appear in your chats list and the chat history on your phone will be deleted. Others will still see the group in their chats lists.

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