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Do disabled Facebook accounts get deleted?

Best Answer:
  1. The second case is when you want to delete it.
  2. whether you’ve deactivated your account or not.
  3. As a result, be sure you really want to erase it before hitting the ‘Delete’ button.
  4. It can’t be retrieved under any circumstances after being deleted.
  5. Any day Facebook will not recover your data in any form or shape.

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account ?


Does Facebook delete disabled accounts?

The court ordered Facebook to keep the group’s data and followers until the case is completed, noting that while the lawsuit is ongoing, it must preserve that information. The data of an account is usually destroyed six months after it has been disabled on Facebook.

Is a disabled Facebook account permanently?

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After your account has been disabled for 30 days, you can provide further information here for another 30 days. Your account will be permanently disabled after that and you will no longer be able to request a review. Only fill this out if your Facebook account has been canceled due to policy violations.

What happens to Facebook disabled accounts?

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If you try to log in to your Facebook account and receive a message saying it has been disabled, your account is probably still active. If you don’t see a warning that your account has been disabled when you attempt to log in, it’s possible that you’re experiencing an unrelated problem. Posting material that isn’t compliant with the Facebook rules.

Why did Facebook disable my account for no reason?

Facebook may suspend your account for a variety of reasons, including failure to use your real name, posting offensive content, scraping the site, joining too many groups, sending too many messages, “poking” people excessively, or messaging the same person too frequently.

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Why is my account disabled on Facebook?

What is the reason for my Facebook account being disabled? We may deactivate Facebook accounts that do not comply with the Terms of Service. Continuing behavior that is not allowed on Facebook and goes against our Community Standards. Contacting other individuals for the intention of abuse, advertising, or marketing activities that are prohibited.

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