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Did Flickr delete my photos?

Best Answer:
  1. Users may not see any of their material removed immediately.
  2. As they will be gradually moved to an archive.
  3. While current free users with over 1,000 pictures.
  4. And videos are phased out.
  5. Large numbers of private photographs will be erased.
  6. From abandoned accounts first.

Flickr will DELETE my best PHOTOS in 2019?


What happened to my pictures on Flickr?

When you delete pictures from your account on Flickr, they are permanently erased and can’t be recovered. You’ll need to re-post them using your original or a backup if you want them to stay.

How do I get my photos back from Flickr?

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Go to Flickr.com on a computer. Log in and select your profile photo in the upper right corner. Then, hit “Settings” in the lower right corner. Look for “Your Flickr Data” near the bottom of the screen. Double-check that your current email address is listed there. Click “Request My Flickr?

Does a Flickr account expire?

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The free accounts are always accessible and do not expire, but I believe that Flickr has the right to delete dormant accounts in the future.

What happens to my photos if I cancel Flickr Pro?

You won’t be able to add new photos if you don’t renew your Pro subscription. You’ll also risk losing all but 1000 of your photographs if you don’t renew.

Is Flickr photos free to use?

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Use the world’s largest collection of stunning, free-to-use photos instead of Flickr. Every picture is high-resolution, free to use, and straightforward to download, unlike those on Flickr.

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