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Can you unlink Nintendo account from switch?

Best Answer:
  1. To unlink the Nintendo Account.
  2. Select “System Settings” from the HOME menu.
  3. Then scroll down to highlight “Users.
  4. ” From there select your user account to access the profile settings.
  5. Once you find the option marked as “Unlink Nintendo Account.
  6. “Select it once to confirm.
  7. Then again when asked for confirmation before proceeding with unlinking.

Switch game save data can be linked to switch user account. When you log into Nintendo switch with a company account or another person’s id, the Switch console will automatically sync the content and save data from that different accounts. This is not always convenient for users who just want to share multiplayer inside same family group. Fortunately, in recent weeks, several video tutorials show how to unlink Nintendo Account from switch:

1. Via parental control settings of Nintendo Account. According to Japanese website ITmedia, if you want to unlink your Nintendo switch user account with another one (such as using a parent or guardian account instead), you can log into your Nintendo Account via PC browser, go to the Family Management Setting page and select Unlink User from the secondary management setting page.

2. Via Nintendo Switch system settings. A new video tutorial provided by YouTube user GameXplain shows how to unlink Nintendo Account from switch via Nintendo switch system settings. The first step is to enter System Settings / Personal / User menu, and then select your profile which you want to unlink from (the red means it is linked with company account). Then go back menu, select Unlink user in the right bottom corner of the screen as shown below:

3. With another person’s Nintendo ID. According to Kotaku, if you have a family member who has their own ID, they can team up with you online using local wireless play after logging into that different ID.

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Can you unlink an account from a switch?

Once a Nintendo Account is linked to a user account, this link cannot be undone. If you plan on using the device that was previously linked with another console, there’s no need to unlink it from your Nintendo Profile before linking it again.
Any saved data will also be deleted when deleting an account and its associated save data from a console.

What happens when you unlink a Nintendo Account?

Unlinking a Nintendo Account from your console will not delete it or any of the games you have purchased. You can re-link another account to the same Nintendo Account at any time. And you never have to worry about deleting your account, as you can even link more than one account to the console at once.

Can your Nintendo Account only be linked to one switch?

You can play your games on any of your Nintendo Switch consoles by linking it with your account. One console will act as the primary system, and then all other linked consoles will be able to use that information.

How do I change the account linked to a Switch?

To use a Nintendo Account to access settings on your Switch, select Settings from the Home screen. Scroll down and select Users from the left-hand side menu. Select Link Nintendo Account when you’ve found the profile you want to connect an account to.

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