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Can you un retweet something on Twitter?

Best Answer:
  1. You may retract a Retweet you’ve issued by clicking.
  2. On the highlighted Retweet icon in the tweet.
  3. The Retweet will be erased from your timeline.
  4. But not the original Tweet.

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How do you delete a retweet on Twitter?

You may remove individual tweets or manual retweets by clicking the “Delete” option beneath the message. If you used Twitter’s Retweet option, there isn’t a Delete link available; instead, the Retweeted link below the post serves the same purpose.

Why can’t I delete old Retweets?

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Even in your Twitter app, Twitter somehow does not allow you to remove old Retweets or Twitter likes. The retweet and like buttons are grayed out, preventing you from clicking on them. Because Twitter’s back-end systems are based on a dispersed cluster of distributed services, this problem exists.

Does blocking someone removes their retweet?

People who use the block option on Twitter have been unable to view each other’s messages since the platform updated it. Previously, if you blocked someone on Twitter, their tweets could still be retweeted by another user into your timeline. “When you block someone on Twitter, they are unable to follow or send direct messages.”

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Why can I not delete a tweet?

Other people’s comments on your message won’t be erased if they’ve Retweeted it. Your Tweets may be stored or cross-posted on third-party websites, applications, or search engines. We are unable to remove Tweets that aren’t on, Twitter for iOS, or Twitter for Android.

Is Tweet delete safe?

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You may set the program to automatically remove any tweets older than a certain age with Tweet Delete. This might be useful for keeping your account clean, but you must grant Tweet Delete continual access to your Twitter account and while it appears to be trustworthy, this is a security concern.

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