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Can you temporarily delete Tumblr?

Best Answer:
  1. Tumblr does not allow for temporary deactivation of your account.
  2. Upon deletion.
  3. All content including blogs that you have created.
  4. Within the blog will be lost forever.


What happens when you deactivate Tumblr?

Deleting your Tumblr account means you will lose your place in any group blogs you participate in. In addition, deleting a blog will delete all premium Tumblr blog themes that you paid for unless you transfer them to another account first.

Can you reactivate Tumblr after deleting?

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When deleting your Tumblr account, you can’t recover your blogs or blog posts. … According to Tumblr, the company can’t help you restore your blog or recover your data. You may be able to claim an old address when creating a new account but only if someone else hasn’t already claimed it!

How do I delete my Tumblr without deleting my account?

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Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click “Delete [your blog’s name].” If it says “Delete everything” instead, it means that you’re currently on your Primary blog — you can’t delete your Primary blog without deleting your entire account.

How do I unpublish my Tumblr?

Log in to your Tumblr account, and click on the ‘Account’ icon. Select from your list of blogs the one you want to delete. On iOS, swipe left on the blog and then tap ‘Delete this Blog’. For Android, select the gear icon (Settings) followed by selecting ‘Delete this Tumblr’.

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