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Can you see deleted Facebook profiles?

Best Answer:
  1. On Bing, search for “ profilename” where “profilename” is the name of the Facebook account you are trying to find. If results are found, click “Cached page” under the search result to view Bing’s copy of the cached page.

Steps to delete Facebook profiles?

Can you see deleted Facebook profiles? You can’t, but there are a few things you should consider before deleting your Facebook account: – Your contacts will not be able to find you on the site if they search for your name. This includes family members and friends that aren’t connected with other social media channels like Instagram or Twitter. If this is an issue then make sure all of these people know how to contact you through another medium so everyone in your life knows where to reach you! – The company may still have access to information about what interests, pages, groups etc., were previously created by users who have now “deactivated” their accounts. For example, while the person’s account is no longer able to post on Facebook, they may still see content that was written by this individual through Facebook. – The company may use your information and help advertisers target you with specific ads or even make a list of people like you for marketing purposes. This means if users are not concerned about their privacy then removing Facebook profiles can be done without hesitation but it does take away from the social aspect of Facebook so there is always a trade-off!


– Make sure all contacts know how to contact you via other channels before deleting Facebook accounts

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– Consider what kind of personal data might go along with your Facebook profile before making any decisions

– Understand that while deactivating account Facebook will keep all Facebook posts as well as photo albums

– To make sure that Facebook doesn’t add your name to targeted ads or give out any personal information, delete the Facebook account

– Deleting a Facebook profile is also possible by going into settings and clicking on “deactivate my account”

– If you are considering deleting Facebook profiles then it would be in one’s best interest to create another email address for use and never link this new email with their old emails for safety purposes. This way if hackers get the access they won’t have access outside of online accounts. (a security measure)

In conclusion: When deciding whether or not to delete Facebook profiles there are always more than enough conflicting views from both sides so before making any decisions it’s best to do plenty of research on Facebook and what is out there.

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– Read up on facebook privacy settings

– Find the features that work for you then use them so your information will be safe

Remember this when deleting Facebook profiles: “What goes online stays online” – meaning once something has been posted or uploaded, even if deleted from a profile or site, it can still remain in cyberspace indefinitely (unless deleted by an expert)

In conclusion: When deciding whether or not to delete Facebook profiles there are always more than enough conflicting views from both sides so before making any decision it’s best to do plenty of researching about facebook and what is there.

Steps to delete facebook account

– sign in using your facebook email and password.

– select the ‘delete my facebook’ option from the settings menu, scroll through all of the screens that follow by clicking on ‘next’. Select ok for each screen until you reach a confirmation page with: “we’re sorry this won’t happen again.” Click okay or hit enter.

The Facebook app now needs updating before it can be used anymore. Follow these steps below:

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– login to facebook messenger via browser – click on chat icon at top left hand side of window; then click contacts button at bottom right hand corner of new window. Search for [username] (replace username with own facebook user name) and press enter


Can you see deleted Facebook accounts?

With a deactivated account, Facebook does not delete any of your data and it is all still there to be retrieved if you reactivate the account. However, with a permanently deleted account, all that data will be gone forever and there is nothing you can do to get it back.

Can I reactivate my Facebook account after 2 years?

After you deactivate your account on Facebook, it retains all of the data that existed before this event and puts it in a “deleted” folder. This way, if you change your mind about deactivating the account and want to use the network again, then you can easily reactivate it.

Did they block me or delete their account Facebook?

If you can’t find your friend on the Friends list, it may be because they have either blocked you or deleted their account.

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