Can you reset your Warframe account on ps4? [Solved] 2023

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Can you reset your Warframe account on ps4?

Best Answer:
  1. It is not possible to reset your Warframe account.

How To Make A New Warframe Account PS4 N Xbox One

Warframe is a popular title that’s enjoyed not just by its loyal player base but also people who work in the video game development industry. Warframe receives frequent updates, new items and Warframes every now and then to keep things fresh among players. While Warframe PS4 does have an amazing amount of content for players, it still has some limitations:

1) You can only have 1 Warframe account per platform (PS4 & PC). I know many players have bought Warframes for Plat on their PC accounts but don’t want to open them for fear of losing them when they start playing Warframe PS4 again ( which you lose all your purchased Platinum if you already played Warframe before on another Platform ). What if there was an easy Warframe account creation process that lets you create Warframe accounts on PS4 and Xbox One?

2) Warframe doesn’t let you transfer your PC Warframes to Warframe PS4. Yes, I know this isn’t something that will be added soon but Warframe is kind of lacking in content when it comes to Warframes unique visuals. Not only would more Warframes be very welcomed by the community ( yes, we also want new Quatis Improvements ), but players who already invested time into playing Warframe PC can get their favorite Warframes to play with again without having to restart everything!

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3) You can currently end up with a bunch of duplicate items like Circuits if they contain the same rarity type or mods if you bought the same Warframe with a different color. Warframe can sometimes be quite confusing to start out for new players and having so many duplicate items may be overwhelming. It may also scare newer players into buying something they don’t need just because Warframe is so complex ( Warframe is really not that hard to understand, once you get it , but if you’re starting out Warframe can feel kinda intimidating ).

4) Not everyone has access to Warframe PS4 and Warframe PC simultaneously. Some people obtain an unlocked account via trading or a friend’s account while others aren’t as lucky. You could create multiple accounts on either platform but we all know how stressful it can be opening multiple Warframes that contain the same mods: Warframes only come with 2 mod slots which means you’re gonna end up with duplicate Warframe Mods if you’ve gotten Warframe XP Duplicates. Warframe has a vendor for this but they don’t accept Forma and will cost you Platinum ( Warframe PS4 has no trade system so buying an item from the Market is not possible right now ). You can always buy more Forma to add 3 extra mod slots, but it’s just another thing that newer players have to worry about in Warframe.

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How do I delete my progress on Warframe PS4?

To delete game data from storage, follow these steps:
1. In the XrossMedia Bar, go to Settings.
2. Choose “Application Saved Data Management”.
3. Select “Saved Data in System Storage.”
4. Choose “Delete”.
5. Select the saved data for the game you would like to delete and follow prompts on-screen.

How do I reset my Warframe data?

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Pick the Data Management tab in the System Settings menu and delete the Warframe save data from there.

Does resetting PS4 delete games?

If you factory reset your PS4, you will lose any games stored on the console. To get them back, just sign back into your account and redownload them from the store.

What is the best starting Warframe?

A Guide to the Best Warframes for Beginners – Making Your First Choice Doesn’t Have to Be Scary!
Excalibur. Excalibur is armed with a sword, and surprisingly enough, one of its most well-rounded abilities is creating copies of itself. …
Rhino. Towards more animalistic combat stances, Rhino can charge through enemies in order to knock them over before they get too close or finish off injured targets with an “enforcement” attack at point blank range using its massive horns. …
Volt… If you’re looking for a more ranged Warframe that uses electricity as its main weapon against foes, then Volt has what you need since it has both ground and aerial attacks that tend towards powerful cleaves and

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