Can you reactivate a deleted Kik account? [Solved] 2023

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Can you reactivate a deleted Kik account?

Best Answer:
  1. Deleting a Kik account permanently means that it cannot be restored.
  2. You will not get any messages or emails from Kik again once deleted.


What happens when you delete a Kik account?

If you delete your kik account, all of your chat data will be lost. … Visit the Delete Page from a web browser to remove your account completely.

What happens when you permanently deactivate Kik?

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Deleting a Kik account, once it’s been done, cannot be undone. Once deleted, you will not receive messages or get emails from Kik ever again. Others will no longer be able to find you and your username and profile are automatically removed from posts in other people’s contact lists.

Can I reactivate my account after deleting?

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If you delete your account:

Your account, profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers will be permanently removed. You can’t sign up again with the same username or add that username to another account. Deleted accounts cannot be reactivated.

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