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Can you have messenger without Facebook 2020?

Best Answer:
  1. On December 26th Facebook quietly withdrew the option for people to create a Messenger account.
  2. Without having an active Facebook profile.
  3. The Facebook representative informed VentureBeat that if you’re new to Messenger.
  4. You’ll need a Facebook account in order to communicate with friends and family members.

How to Create a Messenger Account Without Facebook


How can I open Messenger without Facebook 2020?

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Open the Messenger app and tap Create a New Account. … A new browser window will appear, asking you to create a new Facebook account.

Can you delete FB and keep Messenger?

It is not possible to reactivate your Facebook account if you’ve deactivated it and still utilize Messenger. Only through the Messenger app or the chat window on Facebook may your friends contact you. You can download Facebook Messenger for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

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Can I have 2 Messenger accounts?

You may now manage more than one Messenger account on the same device.

Can you search for someone who blocked you on Messenger?

There’s no built-in feature that tells you whether someone has blocked you on Facebook Messenger. You can determine that you’ve been blocked on Messenger, though, from the status emblem state of a message you’ve sent.

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How can I open a Messenger account?

To use your Facebook account on Messenger, download the Facebook Messenger app to your Android or iOS device. Open the app and log in with your existing credentials. Select a name and phone number for your new account.

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