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Can you delete your Uber account and start over?

Best Answer:
  1. Yes, you can delete your Uber account and start over.
  2. However, if you have a promo code or an Uber credit.
  3. That will be forfeited when you delete your account.

How to delete Uber Driver Account Delete Reactive?


What happens if I delete my Uber account?

Delete your account, and it will be instantly disabled. After 30 days, the account will be permanently deleted, and any unused credits, incentives, or awards will be removed. Uber may keep certain information after the account is canceled as required by law or permitted by Uber.

Can I reset my Uber account?

Then, simply type in your email address and you’ll receive an email with a reset link right away. After that, you should be able to log in again, no matter what the reason is. You can directly contact Uber customer support if the problem persists.

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Can you make a new Uber account?

To start using Uber, you’ll need an email address and phone number. Enter your first and last name, as well as your phone number and preferred language. We send a text SMS to verify your phone number after you finish this part of the signup procedure. Next, type in your payment information.

Can you reapply to Uber after being deactivated?

If you haven’t been online in the previous 90 days, your account may be immediately disabled. You can always visit us again! If you want to resume riding, please fill out the form below – we will reactivate your account for you.

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Can I have two Uber accounts?

Adding more riders to the account is simple, and you can join up to five people at once if you’re using Uber for a family of 5. You may also define different default payment options for various members, remove and add them, as well as turn off the feature entirely.

What is the oldest car Uber will accept?

Uber does not have a specific age limit for the cars it accepts, but the car must be in good condition and meet the company’s safety standards.

Can I Uber with my husbands car?

Yes, you can Uber with your husbands car. You will need to provide your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance to the driver.

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Can I do Uber Eats in someone else’s car?

Yes, you can do Uber Eats in someone else’s car as long as they are registered with the Uber Eats program.

Can I drive for Uber under a company name?

Yes, you can drive for Uber under a company name. You will need to create a business account and then you can add your drivers.

How much do Uber drivers make per ride?

Uber drivers make different amounts per ride depending on the city they are driving in. In general, Uber drivers make around $10-15 per ride.

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