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Can you delete the Google Hangouts account?

Best Answer:
  1. The only way to eliminate your Google Hangouts account is to delete your entire Google account.
  2. Hangouts are dependent on your main Google account.
  3. You can make sure no one contacts you by modifying your Hangouts.
  4. Settings so that no one can contact you.

How to delete hangouts contacts


How do I permanently delete my Hangouts account?

Tap More at the top right of your Android phone or tablet. Google Account Management Tap Manage Accounts Google. your Google Account

How do I disable Google Hangouts?

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Tap the notifications panel and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu. … Select “Applications” under “Apps. Tap on “Google Hangouts” and scroll down. select the “Disable” option by clicking the “Force Stop” button.

Does deleting a Google account delete Hangouts messages?

Deleted Hangouts message history in Gmail might also erase the contents of the communications. Messages are erased from Hangouts after they have been permanently deleted from Gmail. … Two-way deletions do not apply to messages sent directly to or via Google Chat, our business solution.

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How do I delete Hangouts messages on both sides?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to delete conversations from both ends. That is to say, even if you erase one, the other participants will still have access to it. There’s no way to get rid of individual Hangouts messages. Google Hangouts does not provide the option of removing single communications

What happens if I delete Hangouts?

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You may remove the Hangouts app or switch to another messaging software. If you inadvertently delete Hangouts, you may restore it on your smartphone.

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