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Can you delete pictures from Shutterfly?

Best Answer:
  1. Photos and videos on your Shutterfly account.
  2. Are free.
  3. Unlimited but if you wish to remove photos or videos you will no longer have access


How do I delete memory from Shutterfly?

Tap on one or more photos to select them; then tap the “More options” button (3 vertical lines) at the bottom of the screen and choose Delete. Be warned that all selected photos will be deleted.

Does Shutterfly keep your photos?

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Shutterfly offers free unlimited storage and sharing of photos: Upload as many pictures, with no limits on size.

Can I delete photos from camera roll without deleting from album?

A picture is a good way to show people what your house looks like. It can be used for the internet or magazines.

What does Shutterfly do with your photos?

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We may analyze your photo content and metadata to help you tag and organize them, as well as make personalized product suggestions based on those photos.

How do I delete photos from my Iphone on Shutterfly?

Tap the photos that you wish to delete. Selected pictures will have an orange checkmark. Tap on “More options” button (3 lines) along bottom menu bar and then choose “Delete”.

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