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Can you delete photos from Dropbox?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete a photo from your dropbox.
  2. Open the folder and go to the picture.
  3. Or pictures you wish to remove.
  4. Select them by dragging them to your trash can.
  5. Right-clicking and choosing.
  6. Move to trash.
  7. Or right-clicking anywhere on any of the selected photos.
  8. The pictures will then be removed from your dropbox.

Delete Photos in Dropbox 2017?


What happens when you delete photos on Dropbox?

Deleted files do not count against your storage quota, so permanently deleting them will not save space. If you delete other Dropbox users’ copies of the data, their versions won’t be removed.

What happens if I delete files from Dropbox?

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After you remove a file from Dropbox, it is no longer visible in any of the folders in your account. The file isn’t actually destroyed until after your recovery period has ended: Basic, Plus, and Family accounts are able to retrieve deleted files for 30 days.

How do I free up Dropbox space?

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To boost your storage space, increase the amount of space you have been allocated through referrals bonuses, or other offers. Leave any shared folders that exceed your allowance. Delete files from Dropbox.

Does deleting files on Dropbox free up space?

You’ll see all of your Dropbox folders here. Any folders that you’d want to keep in the cloud but don’t need access to should be unchecked. This removes the files from your computer while not deleting them since they are now unneeded space on your hard drive.

Is Dropbox good for storing photos?

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Dropbox is a simple cloud-based file storage service that works well with photographs. The free Basic version, on the other hand, isn’t much of a help since new users get just 2GB of online storage – that won’t go very far.

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