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Can you delete Pandora account?

Best Answer:

To delete your Pandora account, login to the app and scroll to bottom right of the screen.

  1. From Settings (at top left of window), select Account at the bottom left.
  2. Select Delete my account from this page.
  3. Enter your password if prompted.

How to Delete a Pandora Account

Pandora is one of the most popular and widely used music streaming services today. Pandora provides a user-friendly interface and a rich selection of music to choose from with over 1 million unique radio stations. Pandora is ad supported, but Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium users can listen commercial free.

Nevertheless, you have some reasons why you want to delete your Pandora account: You may find that it’s too distracting so you just want to clear all things related with Pandora out of your life; Pandora does not comply with your tastes in music, for example because they keep on sending ads based on songs they know you dislike; Or maybe Pandora has been hacked by some 3rd party?

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Whatever the reason may be, this article will how you how to delete Pandora account.

To delete Pandora account, first of all log in your Pandora account then click on your user name in the upper right corner of Pandora web player interface and choose “My Profile” from the drop-down menu. Then hover your mouse over “Account Settings” option on the submenu that appears and click it:

Pandora, like most Internet services, allows you to delete your Pandora account easily. There are two ways in this case: either close Pandora browser window or completely uninstall Pandora from your computer. And the steps are quite similar for other music streaming services except they also have their own specific settings menu which might require a couple of extra steps.

Step 1: Close Pandora Browser Window or Exit Pandora App on Computer (for Pandora Only)

Step 2: Delete Pandora Account (for Other Music Streaming Services)

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Step 3: Pandora Account Deleted

If Pandora has no Pandora app on your computer, close Pandora browser window will be the only way to delete Pandora account. Just click the “X” button in Pandora browser window


How do I delete a Pandora station on my Iphone?

1. If you are a free listener or Pandora Plus subscriber, long press the station then select Delete Station. Confirm by selecting once more.
2. If you are a Pandora Premium user, tap and hold on the highlighted Checkmark to delete station.

How do I delete Pandora app?

If you’d like to delete the Pandora app from your device, follow these steps:
1. Touch and hold the “Pandora” app icon on your Home screen.
2. Release the icon when it starts to wiggle.
Tap “Delete” in the upper left corner of the screen that appears. Tap Delete again for confirmation.

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Why can’t I delete stations on Pandora?

If you are in the Now Playing mode, deleting individual stations is not possible. Log in to Pandora using a web browser and hover your cursor over the station you’d like to delete without actually selecting it

Why can’t I edit my Pandora station?

To edit a playlist, click on the title of the station you would like to modify. If you are logged into your Pandora Premium account, filtering by “Stations” will provide an easier navigation experience. Once on the back stage page, locate and press the ellipsis beside play button on this page and select Edit Station.

How much does pandora cost a month?

Pandora Premium costs $9.99 USD/month or $109.89 USD/year (plus tax where applicable) and is available for students with a valid .edu domain or active members of the military, in addition to individual+family plans at $14.99 USD monthly or $164.89 annually.

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