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Can you delete episodes on YouTube TV?

Best Answer:
  1. You can view your recordings at any time through the app.
  2. Replays will stay in your library until they expire.
  3. and you can delete them whenever you like.


Can you delete recordings on YouTube TV?

To delete a recording on YouTube TV, go to the Library tab at the top of your home screen. Then select a program and press the button with two lines over it that looks like this:

How do you delete watched episodes on YouTube?

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To delete an item:
Select More.
You can also search for items you’d like delete or filter by date.

Is there a way to only record new episodes on YouTube TV?

Compared to other streaming services, YouTube TV doesn’t suffer from major storage issues because it provides unlimited recording without taking up any storage space.

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What is the difference between YouTube TV and Hulu live?

YouTube TV’s unlimited included Cloud DVR lets those users record as much content they want, regardless of whether it’s a favorite show that was missed or something new. Hulu + Live TV only features 50 hours of storage space
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How long do YouTube TV recordings last?

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Shows in your library are saved for up to a year if you maintain your membership status.

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