Can you delete a Marco Polo before someone sees it? [Solved] 2023

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Can you delete a Marco Polo before someone sees it?

Best Answer:
  1. You can remove a Marco Polo you’ve sent if you act quickly.
  2. You might prevent the other person from seeing it.
  3. You can still delete a video after someone has seen it.
  4. But you won’t be able to recall it anymore.
  5. To erase a Marco Polo.
  6. Go to the bottom of the video and hold down on it.

How to Delete Your Account in Marco Polo


Can you Unsend a Marco Polo?

Tap and hold on to the Polo thumbnail. *iOS *Android On the menu, choose the “Delete/Remove” option. This will permanently delete the Polo you recorded in the conversation for you and others.

Can you delete a Marco Polo video before sending it?

When you tap and hold on to a Polo for Android, it offers a simple choice of “Save Video” instead of asking if you want to delete it. Simply follow the deletion instructions for your personal Polo and choose Save Movie instead. If you still wish to remove it, return to the previous screen.

How do you delete contacts on Marco Polo?

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To remove a Facebook chat from your contacts list, open the People app, tap and hold on their contact photo (3 dots to the right of their Chat Tile), then select Block/Delete Chat.

How do you know if someone has seen your Marco Polo?

When you start a conversation, the narrative at the bottom will appear. This shows all of the Polos you’ve sent and received. Newer Polos will be on the right side of the screen. If someone has viewed your Polo, there’ll be a tiny circle icon with their profile photo in the corner on the last Polo.

What does not active yet mean on Marco Polo?

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Because of this, your friends will not see that you’ve changed your status or when/how frequently you post. Instead, approximate times and Hide Active Times will be displayed.

How do I get Marco Polo for free?

You can get Marco Polo for free by subscribing to the app’s newsletter.

How do I change my Marco Polo subscription?

To change your Marco Polo subscription, open the app and go to Settings. Tap on “Subscription” and then “Change Plan.” You can then choose the new subscription plan that you want.

Can you talk live on Marco Polo?

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Yes, you can talk live on Marco Polo. The app is a messaging and video calling app that lets you talk to your friends and family face-to-face. You can also share photos, videos, and other files with them.

How many people can be on a Marco Polo family plan?

Marco Polo family plans can have up to 10 people on them.

Can I have Marco Polo on two devices?

Yes, you can have Marco Polo on two devices. The app will keep track of your messages and notifications across all of your devices, so you can always stay connected with your friends and family.

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