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Can you delete a Flickr account?

Best Answer:
  1. Go to your profile page on Flickr.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu next to your avatar picture.
  3. Delete your Flickr account by going under the “Personal information” tab
  4. Selecting Delete my account.

How to delete Flickr® account


Can you deactivate Flickr?

There is no method to “turn off” your account. The only option you have is to delete it, which removes it from the website entirely.

Why has my Flickr account been deleted?

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Your account was most likely deleted after conducting a Google search for “Vince Hemingson flickr.” The following are some of the most common reasons why an account may be terminated: uploading other people’s images, submitting spam, promoting links or comments to other people with the aim of annoying them, and inappropriate material featuring minors.

How can delete my yahoo account?

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Go to your account termination page using the Yahoo ID you want to delete. Continue reading I’ve finished my research, and now it’s time for me to make a decision.

Can you restore a deleted Flickr account?

If the account is older than 90 days, it should be possible to recover it. To ensure that the account isn’t spam or a hacker attempting to access his deleted account, you or your son will need to provide evidence of ownership through email, passwords, and maybe other relevant security information.

Is Flickr free to use?

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Use the world’s most extensive collection of beautiful, free to use images instead of Flicker. Every image is high-resolution, completely free, and simple to download.

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