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Can you deactivate TextNow?

Best Answer:
  1. If you cancel Ad-Free+ (including Data Ons) then your phone number will no longer be able to accept any communications or calls.

YES. You can deactivate your TextNow number at any time from either your computer or mobile device. Just follow the steps below: In order to deactivate your phone number, please go HERE.

To disable text messaging, just open an individual conversation window and click on the “i” icon next to the word TEXT in a blue bubble which will have a red line through it. It is under the first subject field on the top of the screen; this takes you to the TextConversations menu where you can turn off all chat notification (mute) conversations for that selected contact OR tap Never Notify new messages to send no notifications while continuing to receive audio & media files for that contact. This will also allow you to check back into the conversation at any time if you turn them on again, however, remember that the contact will never know they have been muted.

If you would like to stop text chat notifications altogether without muting a specific contact, please go HERE. Note: You cannot mute a single contact as this is done by individual conversations and not the entire application. The only way to completely deactivate your phone number is to delete all information associated with it under Privacy > Settings > Delete Profile Data after logging out of the entire application. However, your account username will still be visible in any saved media files if someone were to access them which could identify you as the original owner of that particular file if it was reported or obtained legally.

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Can TextNow be traced back to your phone?

You cannot track who owns a TextNow number, as the company does not disclose information about their identity.

What happens when you delete text now?

It’s easy to terminate TextNow subscription by using the TEXTNOW device removal tool.

How can I get my old TextNow number back?

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TextNow offers the ability to assign ten numbers within a given area code to your account. You can reassign a number through the app every fifteen days.

How do you delete a text Me account?

Click on the Me tab (bottom right corner)
Click on the top right menu, and select “Delete Your Account”

Why is my TextNow disabled?

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High data usage can get you suspended from your TextNow account if your usage is considered abnormal. Take precautions to avoid this in the event that it should happen to you and you’re contacted by a TextNow representative.

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