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Can you change your smite name?

Best Answer:
  1. Your console name will not change and cannot be changed on our end.
  2. As soon as you log in to a linked Paladins or SMITE Account on PC for the first time, you will be prompted to choose a new in-game name.
  3. In Realm Royale, your in-game name remains the same as your account name on the platform you are playing on.

Hi guys, we often get asked this question from players who purchase the PS4 or Xbox One Smite versions of the game so we wanted to clear it up for everyone. If you are currently playing SMITE through HiRez PC and want to play on PS4 or Xbox One, all you have to do is buy a new console version of the game. The pricing and content are identical across all versions of the game so you won’t miss out on anything by moving from PC to console.

In order to transfer an account from PC to console, simply create a new account with that same email address in your desired console region (EU or NA). You will receive an email for your existing Smite account and be able to link it through the HiRez site under “Linked Accounts” within the accounts tab. Once linked, your progression will be transferred over!

1 Log out of your current Xbox One account (if logged in) and then press ‘Xbox button’ at the center of your controller to bring up navigation menu. Navigate to Settings > System > Console Info & updates > Linked social networks Follow prompts until complete. If successful, you will see the social network icon at lower right in a white color without a slash through it.

2 Log into your new console account (use the same email address that you used for your PC version) and then log out. Press ‘Xbox button’ as above to bring up navigation menu, but this time select ‘My games & apps’. Navigate to Settings > System > Console Info & updates > Linked social networks Follow prompts until complete. If successful, you will see the social network icon at lower right in a white color without a slash through it.

3 Once logged back in with linked accounts, follow these steps on both consoles: Go to and sign-in using the linked social network account.

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4 Once you have completed those steps, you can log out of the console and then back in WITHOUT having to go through the linking process again. You should be able to access both accounts normally now. If for some reason this does not work on either console, please contact our Account Support team for assistance.

How many concurrent users are there?

question we get asked is “how many people play smite?”. In short, there are a lot! Every day well over 1 million unique players login from all over the world. During launch events this number can spike to 3 million unique players logging into smite over the course of a few days.

The chart below shows how many users have logged in from all over the world, and how active those users are during an average day: On this graph you can see when new patches go live, especially the big ones (For example patch 7.2) You can also see that everyday more than 1 million unique users log into SMITE! The red line shows concurrent users. This graph is not as accurate as it used to be so it does not show all the minima/maxima like before but i think is still very interesting.Since we launched our mobile versions of SMITE we have seen our concurrent user base grow significantly since more and more players are always on the move.

As you can see in this graph of our mobile users , they make up a large percentage of our daily unique users, so it is important for us to continue to support them and their devices with new updates and features that they will enjoy!

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Many people ask questions about issues where they cannot play or login into Smite due to high volume traffic. Unfortunately we are not able to give exact details on these situations as all networks work differently, but I want to shed some light onto what happens during these events. When things get bad enough that players start not being able to log in, we bring down servers one at a time based upon need (i.e., which server has the least number of players online) over a course of several hours. We try to keep this need as minimal as possible, but with the high volume of users it is not always avoidable.

As you can see in the chart below (taken from our collab site ) we are working hard every day to grow our audience and bring more people into SMITE! If you see someone playing Smite please send them an invite, they will be grateful for the extra help in battle! Also if you like what we do and want to keep seeing new patches every few weeks featuring new gods, skins, maps and other things subscribe or connect with us on social media so that you never miss an update!.


Can I change my username in smite?

Here you can either change your in-game name to something new, or simply continue using your current in-game name.

Can you change your display name?

To change your name on a Microsoft account if you are signed in:
Sign into the Your info page of the Microsoft account website. Under ‘Your name,’ select Edit Name. If there’s no name listed yet, select Add Name.

How do you switch accounts on smite?

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You can unlink your Smite generic account from Steam on the Smite website, which will allow you to login to a different account as needed.

How do you get gems in smite?

There are three ways to collect coins:
Redeeming promotional codes. (lists two examples)
Completing offers.
Participating in special events.

How do I delete my smite account?

Open your registered email account, and compose a new mail.
Enter the following email address [email protected]
On Subject enter the line “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”. Now write the message to delete your account sample given here so that when you click send, we shall be able to process it promptly, please copy and paste this text into your input field:
To Whom It May Concern,<br> I am writing with regards to my Hirez Studios profile. To terminate my contract rights and obligations therein under such terms as is convenient in accordance with Hirez Studios policies I would request you kindly remove all personal data stored on me one may or may not have access to

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TikTok was bought by ByteDance, a Chinese technology company, for $1 billion in 2018.

Who is the CEO of TikTok?

The CEO of TikTok is Eric X. Li. He was appointed to the role in November of 2018.

Is TikTok available in China?

Yes, TikTok is available in China. However, the app is censored by the government and some content is not allowed.

Is TikTok safe?

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What does CEO mean from TikTok?

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