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Can you cancel Zipcar at any time?

Best Answer:
  1. When canceling or shortening a reservation for any length of time, the following policy applies:
  2. For reservations that are less than 8 hours long, you can cancel or shorten your reservation up to 3 hours before the start time without charge.
  3. For reservations that are 8 hours or longer, you have to do it at least 24 hours in advance.

We are able to cancel your membership at any time from the “My Account” page in your Zipcar profile.

What happens if my payment is declined?

If you have insufficient funds on your credit card, we will send an email notifying you of this and ask for your alternative payment method. If you do not provide one within 48 hours, the reservation will be canceled and all fees charged to your account. This can happen when members make multiple reservations in a short amount of time or repeatedly attempt to book over their approved allotment without making an effort to replenish their balance first. For more information, please refer back to our cancellation policy above.


Is it free to cancel Zipcar?

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Canceling or shortening your reservation will not incur any fees if done with advance notice, otherwise, you are required to pay for the full cost.

What is the cancellation policy for Zipcar?

For reservations of 8 hours or more, if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you will be obligated to pay the full amount of the reservation up to a maximum amount ($_____) as per your contract and/or hospitality policy.

Is Zipcar cheaper than renting a car?

Comparing rates of auto rental services by Zipcar and Hertz, it’s clear which one is more affordable for shorter duration rentals. The cost of a one-day rental with Zipcar was $97 whereas the same time at Hertz would only be $36.

Is ULEZ included in Zipcar?

Liz is not currently included in Zipcar, but we are always looking to expand our service offerings to meet the needs of our members.

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Do I need to pay ULEZ on Sunday?

The ULEZ charge is in effect every day of the week.

Is IKEA Tottenham in the ULEZ zone?

Yes, IKEA Tottenham is in the ULEZ zone. The ULEZ zone is an area of London where certain vehicles are required to meet tighter emissions standards. If you drive a vehicle that doesn’t meet these standards, you may have to pay a toll to drive in the zone.

Is my car Euro 6 compliant?

Euro 6 is the latest emissions standard for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the European Union. To be Euro 6 compliant, a vehicle must meet certain emissions limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and hydrocarbons (HC).
Your car may be Euro 6 compliant, but to be sure you should check with the manufacturer or your local emissions testing authority.

Will my car be affected by ULEZ in 2021?

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The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is a planned emissions zone in London that will come into effect in 2021. The zone will require all vehicles traveling within it to meet certain emissions standards or face a daily charge.
It is currently unclear whether or not cars will be affected by the ULEZ. However, it is likely that at least some types of cars will be required to meet the emissions standards in order to travel within the zone.

Can I add a driver to my Zipcar account?

Yes, you can add a driver to your Zipcar account. To do so, log in to your account and go to the “My Account” tab. Under “Drivers,” enter the name and contact information of the new driver.

Is the Dartford Tunnel in the congestion zone?

Yes, the Dartford Tunnel is in the congestion zone. The toll for crossing the tunnel is £2.50 for cars and motorcycles, and £5 for larger vehicles.

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