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Can you cancel MyFitnessPal premium?

Best Answer:

To cancel MyFitnessPal Premium: On the Premium detail page, set the “Auto-Renewal” menu from “On” to “Off”.

This is a blog post that talks about how to cancel MyFitnessPal premium.

It is possible to cancel MyFitnessPal premium! This article will go over how to do it, and the benefits of cancelling MyFitnessPal premium.

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This article talks about MyFitnessPal premium cancellation steps to take in order to cancel MyFitnessPal premium. This information might be helpful if you are currently a MyFitnessPal Premium member and want to cancel MyFitnessPal Premium membership due to changes with the service or other reasons not related to being dissatisfied with the services provided by My Fitness Pal Incorporated. Some members of MyFitnessPal Premium may prefer an option for cancelling their paid subscription plan without waiting until they become inactive as stated in Section 14 (a) below. If you would like more flexibility when cance lling MyFitnessPal premium, you may want to try My Fitness Pal Free.

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– MyFitnessPal Premium Cancellation Steps

– MyFitnessPal Premium Cost vs Value

– MyFitnessPal Premium Problems and Complaints

This article talks about how to cancel Myfitnesspal premium. It lists some of the biggest reasons why people don’t like my fitness pal free and want it cancelled from their phone or other devices. The author then describes steps on how to cancel your subscription for those who have tried this app but no longer wish to continue with it in order that they can get a refund if applicable as well as discontinue any further payments after cancelling the service so there’s not an automatic renewal at the end of the year.


How do I cancel MyFitnessPal premium membership?

1. Tap the Play Store App.
2. Select Menu, Subscriptions.
3. Select MyFitnessPal Subscription and Cancel your Subscription at the bottom.

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How do you cancel MyFitnessPal?

To delete your old/extra account, go to, login, then select “settings” and finally “delete account.”

How do I cancel my Albion premium account?

If you want to cancel your membership, contact us.

How much is MyFitnessPal premium UK?

The three-day trial includes a free premium membership, and the trial can be canceled any time so that you do not have to pay anything after the period of the month. 2 Day Trial (usually £7.99 per month). 1 Month Free Premium Membership gives a free premium membership for one-month, which is enough for most people who are in need of tracking their diet to take account of calories consumption

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