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Can you cancel Adobe stock?

Best Answer:

In the confirmation window, select your reason for cancellation. Click Continue to cancel or Keep my plan to keep.

Adobe stock is trading below its book value per share. Can you legally cancel your stock and receive cash for the difference between what the market says a share of Adobe is worth and it’s actual value?

I’d like to divest myself of all my holdings in Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE). I own 300 shares, with an original purchase price of $13,892.40 each ($4,077 total) received as part of signing onto Creative Cloud back when that was an option. My subscription lapsed, so now I have to pay full price – which would be $1474 every month for the next three years if I want CC updates or use any CC products whatsoever. That’s an obscene amount of money, and I have little interest in paying it. I’d like to sell my stock back to Adobe for a refund of $13,892.40 per share ($4,077), or about 8% below the current market value at the time of writing this post.

I imagine that Adobe would rather not pay me upfront for 300 shares (~$41800) above what they think those shares are worth – hence asking if there are any legal avenues by which I could force them to do so. I’m aware that under certain circumstances (such as being fired or quitting in lieu of a buyout) employees can cash out their stock for its fair value on the day before leaving – but neither applies here.

Certainly, I can create a new email address and use it to create an account on Adobe’s Investor Relations site in the hope that they’ll have left my original email address there – but I don’t think that would be reliable. What other options are available to me?

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I’m going to answer this simply based on what is stated in the question. If you own 300 shares of company X at $10/share, X needs to sell down enough of their shares (or find investors) until the share price rises up past $13.892/share ($4,077). At that point your shares will be canceled for you since their value hit the target set by stock law (there are some tax implications here but you’ll have to find a tax lawyer or accountant for that).

Now, can you make this happen? Probably not. Adobe doesn’t need your shares anymore and is more than likely unwilling to pay you off now anyways (that’s just my opinion). So yes, it’s legal but I don’t think there’s much of a chance in reality that you will be able to do so either.

What makes me say “unwilling” is because the value set by stock law of $4,077 per share seems like an insult to them if they are trying – as they probably are – to get the share price up over $80/share which would give Adobe a market cap of around $150 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money. Adobe may be trying to accomplish that via stock buy backs where they are spending $4,077 for every $10 share out in the world and effectively canceling them – thus driving up the share price since there are fewer shares out there than when you started.

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I’m not an investment adviser but I don’t think you can get in on this action. You might try calling the investor relations line at +1-408-536-3300 x3810 or emailing [email protected] but unless you have some inside connection there they probably won’t talk to you directly so good luck with that as well (and if they do give you access to their investors relations system then more power to you).

Of course you can also just sell your shares on the market which will probably net you around $12.50/share after fees and taxes. That’s not bad for a purchase of $4,077 when stock was at $13.892 but it’s still far below what Adobe would want you to have to pay up. They’d rather give them away at this point given how much they think they’re worth these days – maybe even in exchange for another company that might help boost their share price up even more across the board (think Facebook buying WhatsApp while their share prices were low).

SO: Sorry to say that if you want to get out of stocks by cashing out all your shares now … Adobe isn’t going to pay you $4,077/share for them. They clearly think they are worth much more than that and I’m guessing they will probably sell off enough shares on the market to get their stock price up somewhere in the $80-$100 range which would give them a market cap of $150 billion dollars or so. At that point Adobe’s value will be so large that it won’t matter anymore if you own 300 shares because your share of ownership is so small that Adobe doesn’t care about you (and besides – what exactly can you do with 300 shares at this point anyway? not much).

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How do I cancel my Adobe Stock trial?

To cancel your trial or individual plan (purchased from Adobe), sign into and select the Manage Plan or View Plan buttons under your desired plan type to go to that respective page. Once you’re on the right page, click Cancel Plan at the bottom of the screen.

What happens if I cancel my Adobe plan?

If you cancel before the 14 day mark, your paid subscription will be fully refunded. If you cancel after the 14-day mark, then you’ll be charged a lump sum amount if 50% of your remaining contract obligation and service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.
Rewrite 2: You are eligible for refunds on

Does Adobe have a cancellation fee?

If you cancel your account outside of the trial period, and if you have a monthly Creative Cloud membership, you’re charged 50% of the remaining cost for your membership.

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