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Can Instagram delete my account?

Best Answer:
  1. We are unable to delete an account for you due to security concerns.
  2. To delete your account, you’ll need access to it.
  3. If you aren’t logged into Instagram on the web, you will be prompted to log in before being allowed to delete your account.
  4. You can’t remove your Instagram account from within the app.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently || DELETE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT ||


How do I permanently delete my Instagram account?

Log in to your Instagram account on the website. Go to Instagram’s ‘ Delete Account ‘ page. Choose one of the options from the drop-down menu.

Does Instagram delete your account immediately?

Your account and all of your information will be permanently deleted after 30 days if you don’t respond to Instagram’s deletion request. The material is still subject to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Data Policy during those 30 days, and it cannot be accessed by other users on Instagram.

How long does Instagram temporarily delete your account?

You can keep your Instagram account disabled for as long as you want, whether it be 10 months or 10 days. The only thing Instagram has to say about disabling your account is that you can’t do it more than once a week.

How do I delete a 2nd Instagram account?

To visit your profile, tap or your profile picture in the bottom right corner. To access Settings, tap in the top right corner. Login information will be displayed. Next to the account, you want to delete, select Remove.

How do I delete my Instagram account on mobile?

Open your mobile browser and go to the Delete Your Account page on Instagram. Open a private chat with someone you trust, and ask them to help delete your Instagram account for you. If you’re not already logged in, follow the prompt to log in to your account. nWhen prompted why you’re deleting your account, choose an option.

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