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Can I share my Crunchyroll account?

Best Answer:
  1. You can share your household with other people, as long as they are on the same account. However, you cannot create a separate account for them to have their own household on your base; all characters will share a single experience regardless.

Your account is for your use only and is not transferable. Sharing accounts, providing individual logins on multiple devices or providing access to non-subscribers without a valid, paid Crunchyroll subscription is prohibited.

Additionally, it’s also our policy that no one may sell their account or login information to any other user. Accounts are for personal use only and commercial use of an account in violation of this policy is grounds for cancellation without refund.


Can you have multiple users on Crunchyroll?

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We allow only two people to use the same account. If you are three people and need to register an account, please contact one of our Customer Support Officers first, explaining that you have two little sisters who count as one person’s login.

How many devices can crunchyroll?

With our Crunchyroll Premium+ Memberships, there are no limits on the devices we can stream to using Crunchyroll.

How much is crunchyroll per month?

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The Crunchyroll Fan subscription is $7.99 a month, with a free 14-day trial offer.

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