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Can I merge two ebates accounts?

Best Answer:
  1. To have your two accounts merged.
  2. Please contact the Rakuten Member Services team.
  3. Make sure to inform them which one you’d want to keep.
  4. For security reasons, double-check that both of your Rakuten.
  5. Ebates accounts contain the same mailing address.
  6. And PayPal account information.

How do you merge Facebook accounts?


Can I merge two Expedia accounts?

We are not able to combine two separate accounts under two different e-mail addresses, even if they all belong to you, for security reasons. Similarly, we are unable to link the same email address to more than one account. You can alternatively delete the account you don’t want.

Is Rakuten safe to use?

Using the site is completely safe and secure, as you will read in many other prior Rakuten reviews. As a result, Rakuten is definitely legal. When you buy goods from your regular merchants, it pays you cashback. Almost everyone can earn money back with more than 2,500 stores and businesses to select from.

How do I change my Rakuten username?

You’ll find four tabs on the Settings menu, each of which contains a different set of options. You can modify your Email address, Username, Telephone number, and old Password in the Profile section. After filling out all of the required data, click on the yellow “Proceed” button.

How do I transfer Expedia points to another account?

You can’t move Expedia points to someone else. However, if you believe your account was hacked and fraudulent activity occurred, you may be able to transfer points to a new account that you create.

How do I connect accounts on Expedia?

Activate your Expedia channel manager access by going to Settings and selecting Hostway Oy, a two-way connection. Select Hostway Oy, two-way connection, then Connect.

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