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Can I deregister my fire stick?

Best Answer:

If you are having trouble with a particular device, try deleting the account for that specific device. To do this go to Manage Your Content and Devices > select your Device or App > Deregister

Your Fire Stick is registered to your Amazon account. I can’t give you any specific details about how the registration works, because it’s not within my knowledge or experience. However, I have several suggestions that might be able to help…

First off, go through all the settings and try to find an option that allows you to deregister the device from your Amazon account. You’d probably look under “registered devices” or “my devices”. The issue you’re having could be simple: For some reason, when you unboxed and connected your Fire Stick for setup, there was a glitch that didn’t properly register it with your Amazon account – so now when you try to watch something on Prime Video using Alexa voice commands, Alexa thinks you’re logged into a different account and prevents you from watching.

If going through the settings doesn’t help, then consider calling Amazon support or visiting one of their stores to see if they can help you out. Let them know what’s happened, that you bought your Fire Stick a while ago but have only recently tried using it, after which things started acting up (i.e., Alexa not recognizing your Prime Video login when trying to watch via voice commands). Tell them that everything was working fine until then. They might be able to manually remove your old registration and then register your Fire Stick with your new account – hopefully without needing any further information from you, such as order numbers or anything like that…

Alternatively, call Netflix. They might be able to help you out, since their own system was the one that recognized your Fire Stick as an already-registered device and prevented your from creating a new account with it.

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A factory reset can theoretically solve most issues like this – but I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless instructed to do so by support personnel or if all other avenues have been exhausted. It may fix things, especially if the issue seems to be related to some firmware glitch; however, it’s more likely that it would just create additional complications later on. If you’d rather not go into any detail about what the issue is, then stick to the following steps:

Log into your Amazon account. Go to “Your Account”. Then go to “Digital Content” (under “Your Digital Library”). Scroll down to the very bottom and look for a option that says something like “Manage Your Content & Devices”, “Manage Your Fire & TV Settings”, or similar – it should bring up a new page with all of your Fire Sticks on it, as well as any devices you’ve connected through them. Select each device separately and try deregistering it from there (you’ll probably need to enter your login information once or twice). If this doesn’t work, then call Amazon support or visit one of their stores; let them know what’s up and that you’d like them to remove all of your connected devices from your account.

If this doesn’t help, then go ahead and do a factory reset (but only if instructed to by support personnel or if all other avenues have been exhausted). A factory reset will not lose any personal information – it just deletes the registration information. Note that you’ll probably need to re-register every device individually after doing a factory reset, since most of them aren’t paired with anything in particular until they’re used for the first time..

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Finally, if you’re still having trouble after trying all of the above, and especially if it persists even after a factory reset…

If your Fire Stick has Alexa integrated into it (and many do these days), then check to see if Alexa is enabled. You can do this by going to your Amazon account on the web and checking under “Amazon Devices” – you should be able to find your Fire Stick(s) there with an option for disabling or enabling each one’s Alexa integration. Disable it and see whether that fixes things. If not, disable any other smart assistants or voice control apps (Siri, Cortana, etc.) that might’ve been accidentally enabled. Some of them may have gotten triggered during set-up and started listening in even though you didn’t know what happened.

Another possibility: your Fire Stick might be set to use a different country than where you are, which could cause streaming services to think that the device is already registered with another account. To check this, go back into “Settings” and see if everything’s set correctly there; make sure that your Fire Stick’s location setting matches yours (and not that of somewhere else in the world), and that its date & time settings match yours as well. If need be, visit Amazon’s support site for a how-to guide on changing these things.

If nothing helps…

Contact Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming service whose service has stopped working. Tell them the problem (i.e., that streaming isn’t working), the name and model number of your Fire TV Stick, where you bought it from, how long you’ve had it for (make sure to include the date), what services you’re having trouble with / have tried unsuccessfully to access. Ask them if there are any known issues with this model or device – whether they’ve seen similar problems before, and perhaps even when a fix might be available.

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Can I deregister my Amazon Fire Stick?

To deregister a device:
1. Log in to your account on the Content and Devices page within Google Play.
2. Click “Devices,” then select the device you want to remove from your list of devices registered for that account by clicking on it, and click “Deregister” at the bottom of this bar.

How do I deregister and register my fire stick?

To deregister your Fire television, head to the settings page. Go to My Account then select Deregister. If you want to register with a new Amazon account, go into Register and follow these instructions.

Can I give my old Firestick to someone else?

Make sure you log in to your Amazon account before watching movies.

Can I change my Amazon account on my fire stick?

To configure your Amazon Fire TV, navigate to the settings menu and select a variety of options. Once you’re there, press “My Account” to register or deregister your account.

Will I lose my apps if I deregister my Firestick?

When you unregister a Firestick, it removes the user’s information from both the device and Amazon. This includes any apps you had purchased or anything else saved on the services linked to your account.

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